Question Of The Day: Ain’t It About Time For Blanket To Get A Haircut?

anyone…what’s the deal with this kid? he always looks so “why won’t these people let me be great…


Long hair don’t care!

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Why He Hates Black People “They Stink, They Are Loud, Ugly, And Just BLACK!” [Video]

so precocious and full of wonderment.


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You little cave man…

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Hometown Hidin’ Out: Solange Says She Owns The Summer And Shows Us What Bey Bey Likes To Do When She’s In Texas

I don’t care what anyone says…i’m a fan


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Walmart, Target, 7-11 And Other Retailers Are Teaming Up On Mobile Wallet

They coming for our money. okay, i am impulsive already the fact that i don’t need money to buy shit…oh hell no!! they’re about to go True Blood on my ass!


Because the mobile payments landscape wasn’t muddy enough, the collaborative effort between some of the biggest retailers to launch their own mobile payments network is set to be announced later today according to a report emerging this morning from The WSJ. A group of over a dozen retailers, including Walmart, Target, 7-11, and Sunoco, Inc. is calling itself the Merchant Customer Exchange (or MCX). They, too, want to add another app to customers’ smartphones which would compete with other offerings from Google (Google Wallet), the carrier-led initiative known as Isis, as well as mobile payments services from companies like PayPal, Square, Intuit, and more.

This is exactly why mobile payments aren’t happening yet: everyone wants a piece of the pie.

The group’s existence and general agenda was first outed in March of this year, also by the WSJ. The details between then and now are still essentially…

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Best puppet show ever!!

Come along with David Liebe Hart and his weird ass puppet as they sing his Creepy yet informative song about growing up.
God,I feel so dirty on the inside.

gentle mike

Arrests: Lauryn Hill’s Mugshot From Her Tax Evasion Arrest Revealed…She Looks PISSED!

Ready or not…


Clearly Lauryn was “miseducated” about Uncle Sam and the tax system in the United States…

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